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Landscape Lighting

If you've spent the time and money on curb appeal, ensure optimal viewing by highlighting what makes your home great. Lighting can be used for safety and security, too.


We are fully trained in wiring your yard and knowing the illumination patterns best suited for your architecture. Our demo system can be set up in minutes before making a commitment to buy.

Lawn Irrigation

briteGREEN Irrigation provides a wide variety of irrigation services for Cincinnati clients. Our irrigation services can meet all your needs from installation to maintenance and repair to spring start ups and fall winterizations.


Whether you are looking for a free estimate on a new system or to learn more about water management and conservation, we're to help!

Featured Services
  • Design

  • Installation

  • Service

We service all brands and types of sprinkler and lighting systems, and we service them year round.

You provide us with the information on who, what, where, and why and we'll supply the how. Call us today for your needs: (513) 310-0026.



briteGREEN specializes in landscape lighting and irrigation systems, performing routine maintenance services as well as providing design and installation services.
Mike Schirmang began working for landscape irrigation companies in 2000. After realizing the advantages of being an owner, he established briteGREEN from the back of his SUV in 2007. Since that time, Mike has grown his crew and fleet, becoming a respected provider of quality landscape services in Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. In 2008, he added commercial snow removal to briteGREEN's professional services.
briteGREEN values its professional personnel, outstanding service and quality of workmanship. As a testament to their many years of success, the majority of their business comes from client referrals and past customers. 

briteGREEN is a fully insured and drug free company




"I put my own landscape lighting package together using supplies from the local home improvement store. The first few years were fine, but it never had that custom look that you see in the magazines. Also, after a few years the bulbs were constantly going out and after time the connection between some devices and the wire quit working altogether. We use briteGREEN and Mike for our sprinkler system needs and he was very flexible in putting a lighting quote together. He even came out after the initial install at 10:00 PM to offer advice to make the package perfect. I would highly recommend Mike for your outdoor lighting projects. His prices are very competitive and the service he provides is the number one reason we went with his company."

Mr. Bennett, Mason, Ohio

"Deb and I could not be happier with the job briteGREEN did and the way our home looks with regard to how the landscape lighting is highlighting our home and landscape beds. They did just an absolute terrific job and it looks fabulous!"

Jim Tracy, Mason, Ohio


Year Established


Systems Maintained


Year Round



On-site Lighting Demonstration
We will be a mini system out and set it up to show you on your property what effect a lighting system will have.  We'll demonstrate all the capabilities of LED systems including using zoning, dimming and color fixtures.  This is a no charge no obligation demonstration.



For any inquiries or questions please call:

513-310-0026 or fill out the following form

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Mailing Office

3955 Elljay Drive

Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

Tel: 513-310-0026


To apply for a seasonal job with briteGREEN, please send your qualifications and contact info to:

Get a quote: 513-310-0026


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