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Project Starting Point:  

Doug and Elizabeth live in an historic neighborhood in a beautiful older home that unfortunately disappeared at night.  The only light at night was the single porch light at the front door.

The Goal:  

Bring the house out darkness in a way that was understated and provided some additional security at night.

The Process:  

After a nighttime demonstration to show the possibilities that LED lighting systems offer, the decision was made to use LED lighting to create a traditional style lighting system that highlighted the house and landscape but was also easy to use. The way the house sits on the property, there were two main vantage points (directly looking at the front and looking at the front right) that were central to the design.  And, since the house was white, we didn't want to go overboard with the number of fixtures or their intensity.  But we didn't want to under light it either.  So we chose the FB 3LED fixtures to uplight the house and several of the larger plants and trees in the landscape.  We also used a couple PL path lights in 3LED near the front door on either side of the walk.
Project Stats:            

19 Fixtures controlled by 1 power source
Product Brand:          

FX Luminaire
Controller Type:        

LX in Matte Finish
Fixtures Used:          

FB 3LED in Flat Black powder coat finish
PL 3LED in Flat Black powder coat finish 

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