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Project Starting Point:  

Cindy originally had a lighting system that had been installed years ago but wasn't working due to a nearby lightning strike that fried the system and it hadn't worked for a couple of years.  There were also a few issues with the old system that we wanted to make sure we avoided.  One was that a number of the old fixtures were installed flush with the surface of the ground but without the proper drainage resulting in the fixtures filling with water causing the halogen bulbs to short out and not work.  So even when working, the original system didn't work great.  The other issue was that the transformer was mounted in a way that made accessing the timer inside extremely difficult.  It may seem like a small detail but if you have a lighting system that relies on a mechanical timer to turn on and off, then it needs to be easily accessible and not a source of frustration.  In Mason, OH sunset can vary by roughly 4 hours depending on the time of year and many older systems need constant timer adjustment if that is their type of switch.

The Goal:  

Cindy enjoyed the effect of the original system and wanted to duplicate it but was intrigued by the idea of adding color.  I brought some fixtures out one evening for a demonstration and she knew color on select plantings was the way she wanted to go.  
The Process:  

We avoided some of the issues of the previous system very simply.  Fixtures that sat above grade were selected to avoid the water issue and the transformer was mounted in nearly the identical location as the old one but in such a way that it was accessible.  The system was installed and that night adjustments were made.  We also determined that 2 additional fixtures would make a big difference in finishing the look she was trying to achieve.

Project stats:          

19 Fixtures controlled by 1 power source/controller
​Product Brand:        

FX Luminaire
Controller Type:      

Luxor ZDC 300 in Stainless Steel finish.
Fixtures Used:        

NP 6LED ZD in Flat Black finish.
NP ZDC in Flat Black finish

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