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Project Starting Point:  Nick's house was new construction so it was a blank slate and since he didn't have a great deal of past experience with a lighting system he relied on the guidance of briteGREEN to design a system meeting his needs and wants. 

The Goal:  We needed to design a system that not only highlighted the beautiful new home that had been built but also allowed it to stand out and be unique at times.  Color capable fixtures were used to create different themes that could be applied for a number of different events/holidays/celebrations.

The Process:  One of the advantages to this project was the new construction aspect.  It allowed us to plan from the beginning so that no details were missed.  From where the controller would be located, to how power would get to certain locations, to installing fixtures recessed into the concrete driveway, everything was able to be planned out ahead of time which made the actual installation a very smooth one.  

Project Stats:              
27 Fixtures controlled by 1 power source/controller.
​Product Brand:          
FX Luminaire
Controller Type:        
Luxor ZDC 300 in Stainless Steel finish
Fixtures Used:            

NP ZDC uplight in Bronze Metallic powder coat
FB ZDC uplight in Bronze Metallic powder coat 
FB 3LED ZD uplight in Bronze Metallic powder coat
FC ZDC well light in Bronze Metallic powder coat 
JS 3LED ZD path light fixture in Copper

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